About Amalgam

About Amalgam and how it affects the body

Dr Da Cruz stopped using amalgam in his practice July 1990 after attending a toxicity conference where Dr Horst Poehlmann and Dr Mike Godfrey were talking at the Gold Coast 30 yrs ago on 29 June 1990. There after started the Australian society of Oral Medicine and Toxicity.

Finally, it is to be phased out completely all over the world following the Minamata convention by UN on Mercury because of its Toxic nature due to about 50% being Mercury, although it is called a silver filling.

Mercury blocks zinc, selenium, iron, sulphur, cobalt and trans membrane ion channels. Along with lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminium and antimony are called Antinutrients

Hair analysis is one way to see what minerals we have. Then there are blood and urine tests. This is for your functional medical GP to figure out. Blood tests can be done to give footprints of patterns, which indicate toxic influences.

There is a lot of information on amalgam fillings on the net and mercury is very toxic, but not readily soluble. I am touching on a few not too well explained issues we have to deal with. It is releasing Mercury as vapour and galvanic ions created more in acid food environment, constantly in small doses while in the mouth.

It carries a Skull and crossbow as a warning sign in its handling and is a heavy metal that accumulates if the body cannot get rid of it. Once mercury is in the brain it is hard to get rid of.

Mercury affects the methylation cycle, which is required, for cell turnover, detoxification and many enzyme processes including making serotonin for good mood.

It increases Homocysteine, which indicates possible effects on the cardiovascular system. It is a neurotoxin and damages Tubulin, which relates to the myelin sheath of nerves and leads to neurofibrilar tangles, as shown in the experiments in university of Calgary.

If Selenium is blocked then T4 a thyroid hormone cannot convert to T3, which helps us burn fat and provide energy. Thus low thyroid and weight gain in some and weight loss in others through liver and kidney damage. Every organ system is affected, but brain and kidneys is critical.

It is important to have a good glutathione system working, lots of sulphur rich foods like eggs, garlic, onions, sulphur rich vegetables as cabbage, broccoli, selenium, N acetyl cysteine, zeolite, charcoal and bentonite clay to drink to remove any particles going down the throat and gut while having amalgam removal.

The main thing is to remove it safely, with rubber dam, good suction, lots of water, air vacuum suction for the vapour and possible air supply for very sick patients. Also supplement with nutritional supplements that will protect the individual in the removal process. There is also IVC and chelation with your functional medical GP.

Good references to read are:

  • ▪ HL Sam Queen text book on chronic mercury Toxicity. Some one who really knows this subject and worth reading
  • ▪ Visual textbook of Nutritional medicine By Dr Igor Tabrizian
  • ▪ Health hazards of Mercury By Eric Davis published in Wise Traditions The Weston A . Price Foundation, Washington,DC