Here are a few articles that were written over a period of time from the 1990 to present to give patients a broader understanding on these subjects.

Mercury and how it affects our lives was written around 1993 when not much information was around to bring the relation between mercury, glutathione production and mercury’s affinity for selenium affecting thyroid production of thyroxine.

I want to be healthy and love life is how interrelated the subject is between headaches, the jaw and one patients experience. The will to be healthy and love life is based on the work of Dr John Diamond.

Migraines and headaches is for opening up this subject for better understanding on different levels.

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Podcast - AFDC Episode 73: Dr. Joe Da Cruz: Calming the ANS with the SOMA approach

Recommended reads

Dental Distress Syndrom
The Dental Distress Syndrome Quantified

The Dental Distress Syndrome Quantified Dr. A.C. Fonder The W. B. Saunder’s Medical Dictionary defines a syndrome as a complex of symptoms; a set of symptoms which occur together; the sum of any morbid state.1 Research has demonstrated that excessive dental distress routinely coexists with a pattern of chronic

Dr John Diamond
Eric Davis

Recommended Books

  • The Dental Physician written by Aelred C. Fonder
  • Chronic Mercury Toxicity: New Hope Against an Endemic Disease [H. L. Queen]
  • Your Jaws Your Life By David C. Page D.D.S.