Powerful dental diagnostic value with 3D images

We are proud of our commitment to preventative dental care, that is why we use advanced high definition, three-dimensional imaging technology to provide quality of care from diagnosis to treatment. This state-of-the-art technology is fast, accurate and most importantly it is safe. Short scan times reduce the level of radiation exposure significantly less than traditional CT scans. Using Vatech Green21 technology, our practitioners can detect and evaluate problems before they become serious, while also enhancing procedures regarding oral and orthognathic surgery, implantology, TMJ analysis, spinal studies, airway assessment, periodontal, orthodontic and impaction. In our approach to excellence in both preventative dental and general heath, we understand the importance of TMJ analysis and airway assessment. Dysfunction in either can create greater problems later in life. That is why we use three dimensional imaging to examine early warning signs and enhance preventative treatment.

A powerful function for Airway Volume Analysis

Green21 provides the most precise and high quality panoramic image. Clear and sharp panoramic image brings you better diagnostics. Enhanced details especially in the anterior and dental roots can be viewed. These consistently high quality images will become the new standard of panoramic imaging.

Green21 features

If you would like to discuss Green21 scanning and whether it is right for you, please feel free to contact us for more information.