No Braces
Retractive forces or extractions can restrict a child’s growth

Traditional orthodontics uses retractive forces or extractions on a child, which in actual sense does not treat a child’s dental issues but contradicts with his/her overall growth. Orthodontics uses headgears or braces for quick results without realising its effects on a child’s growth and development. This quick solution encourages movement of bones that is not natural and therefore can interfere in a child’s good health. It is very important for parents to understand that straightening teeth should be the last priority. They should give importance to a treatment that mainly focuses on relaxation of muscles that would further help improve patient’s breathing and posture.

Nature has designed our body to breathe through nose and not mouth. Mouth breathing leads to many health problems mainly sleep apnea. It is when the airway is flattened a person starts breathing from mouth. An ideal dental treatment would release existing stress or restriction but not impose one. Use of headgear or braces add restrictions to the muscles therefore limiting the natural growth of a person, child or adult.

Dr. Da Cruz at Wholistic Dentistry helps his patients understand the importance of jaw alignment. He never encourages use of headgear or braces on children because he believes it would limit the growth and development of a child. He concludes that clamping of jaws or cranium makes a person weak. Therefore, clamping skull with headgear or braces can be harmful; it can destroy a patient’s potential growth. His SOMA appliance is designed in a way that would relax the muscles and naturally guide jaws to align. This further helps to broaden the airway resulting in nose breathing.

SOMA Therapy

The SOMA therapy involves gentle expansion of the bony structures in the upper jaw without creating pain. It encourages the normal skeletal growth and allows your jaw bones and muscles to grow to their most harmonic position. As a result, your facial patterns are improved and teeth are straightened. The SOMA also prevents strain on the Cranial Respiratory Impulse (CPI) and relaxes the muscles of mastication. When the muscles of mastication are relaxed, muscle fight back does not occur around the bones of the face and jaw. This enables teeth to be orthodontically moved faster without relapsing.

Invisible Braces

Clearpath is commonly used as an adjunct orthodontic treatment to SOMA therapy for refinement of teeth alignment.Clearpath introduces a breakthrough technology when treating malocclusion (straightens teeth). All you need to do is wear a series of clear thin transparent removable aligners, which gently guide your teeth from their present to the desired position to give you the perfect smile.