General Check Up and Wholistic Consults

Lets build wellness instead of treating disease! Prevention is better than cure!

At Wholistic Dentistry we serve all areas of your dental needs with a wholistic approach. We believe our mouth is not just an isolated identity. It is closely linked with our diet, our skeletal positions and muscles of our body.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome to maintain good dental health and wellbeing

Regular check up and cleans are significant to maintaining the health of your teeth. Prevention is best to avoid pain and long term dental problems.

With a more specialised consult appointment we will be checking the overall structural development of the jaw, head, TMJ (Temporomandibular joint), airway issues and pain symptoms, like headaches, neck pain and much more. For children, growth and development is a key aspect of Wholistic Dentistry, for more information click here SOMA.

Are you due for a check up and clean? Does your child or yourself have misaligned teeth and jaw that needs to be addressed? Call our friendly team to book an appointment today on 02 6297 8838