Case A

Case Report, Malocclusion - Case A:

Date: 7th July 2014 to 4th October 2017
Start of SOMA

For the first 3 years we worked on pathology, function and growth and development. This was to orthopedically grow the bone structure to provide room for all the permanent teeth to fit.

19th November 2018

Patient couldn’t wait any longer so we proceeded to the cosmetic phase with clear path aligners. Case is ongoing but a very nice change. There was minimal IPR (inter-proximal reduction) involved and elastic buttons to pull the canines into place.

  • - There are 2 kinds of development. One is premaxillary development and takes care of the anterior teeth crowding and posterior arch development to improve nose breathing and lip closure.
  • - Development of the lower jaw is also important. You can see the lower jaw development occurring automatically without any appliance. Then followed up with aligners to complete the treatment.
  • - This treatment is ongoing and will be complete soon.