Case D

Case Report, Malocclusion - Case D:

Date: 29 July 2005
Patient History

Patient presented with a deep palate, narrow arch and over crowding of the teeth with a 50% deep bite. She had a short lip, enlarged tonsils, mouth breathing, gummy smile and experienced snoring. She suffered from TMJ pain, asthma, headache problems, and she had a forward head posture.

SOMA treatment

Within 8 months of the SOMA treatment (wearing day and night), the patient’s deep bite had resolved to an ideal position of less than 5%. The mouth had closed and nasal breathing had been established. The tonsils had reduced in size and her gummy smile and headaches were resolved, her posture appeared normal and TMJ pain had resolved.
Four years after the SOMA treatment, the patient’s bite remains stable. If the patient wanted to continue this line of treatment, life style behaviours would need to be altered. Strict dietary triggers that cause inflammation and congestion would also need to be avoided.

29th June 2005.

5th May 2009.

BEFORE – 29th July 2005.

ONGOING – 24th March 2006.

AFTER – 5th May 2009.