Sample G

Case report, Severe Malocclusion - Sample G:

Date: 07 August 2001
Patient History

The following case study shows changes in dental architecture and facial architecture using SOMA treatment. Presenting with a severe malocclusion in both the upper and lower arch with a class two bite, the patient did not have adequate space for all his permanent teeth. Consequently, the upper right canine was palatally placed and un-erupted. The patient also presented with chronic sinusitis, swollen tonsils and a mouth-breathing behavior pattern.

SOMA treatment

Using SOMA treatment, the patient’s malocclusion was significantly improved and space was established for all permanent teeth including the palatally placed upper right canine. The class two bite was resolved with a natural forward position of the lower jaw. While the chronic sinusitis, swollen tonsils and mouth-breathing behavior all resolved with correction of the dental architecture. No extractions, nor use of rapid maxillary expansion was used in the treatment.

07 August 2001 .

10 September 2008 .

BEFORE – 07 August 2001.

ONGOING – 11 December 2002.

ONGOING – 10 January 2007.

AFTER – 10 September 2008.

A spring was used to pull the upper right palatally placed canine, bucally into alignment.