Sample B

Case report, Over-Jet, Deep Bite - Sample B:

Date: 27 November 2007
Patient History

The following case study shows the changes in dental and facial architecture using SOMA treatment. The patient presented with a pronounced over-jet, 50% deep bite and was suggested to have braces and four pre molars extracted by their previous dentist. The patient appeared to be suffering from a total lack of energy (fatigue), and snoring.

SOMA treatment

Using SOMA treatment the patient’s over jet resolved and the deep bite resolved to an acceptable 10% (class 1 relationship). The patient noted a significant improvement in mood, energy and sleep after using the SOMA. The patient also appeared to show improvements in posture and physical strength. Re-evaluation of the patient indicated no need for braces or extractions of pre-molars, neither of which was used in the SOMA treatment. Only an upper type 1 and lower standard appliance was used.

27 November 2007.

17 July 2008.

BEFORE – 29 May 2003.

ONGOING – 02 September 2004.