Sample A

Case report, Cross Bite - Sample A:

Date: 25 October 2006
Patient History

The following case study shows changes in dental architecture using SOMA treatment. The patient presented with a severe cross bite, asthma, inflamed tonsils and excessive snoring. The patient also suffered from headaches, back, shoulder and neck pain.

SOMA treatment

Using SOMA treatment, the patient’s cross bite improved and within one month the patient’s asthma appeared to have resolved. The patient still experiences snoring and the tonsils are still inflamed but mucus congestion has reduced significantly. SOMA treatment is still ongoing.

25 October 2006.

25 July 2008.

BEFORE – 25 October 2006.

ONGOING – 22 November 2006.

ONGOING – 24 January 2007.

ONGOING – 25 July 2008.