Soma Care Instruction



You should remove your appliance in order to eat.


  • ▪ Always rinse your appliance after wearing it. Saliva residue is the main reason for odour.
  • ▪ Wash with hot water
  • ▪ Use a toothbrush to clean any plaque off
  • ▪ Using 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in a glass of water will get rid of any biofilm or tartar.
  • ▪ Using bicarb soda in a glass of water every now and then will help with odour and neutralise acid especially after using the vinegar.

Do Not use alcohol mouth washes, toothpaste or denture cleaners to clean the appliance. Ultrasonic cleaners are ideal.


  • ▪ The appliance should be stored in the plastic case provided when traveling.
  • ▪ At home it can be stored in a glass of water or in the case, keep the case open to prevent odour.
  • ▪ Do not wrap it in tissues as it is easy to throw away.
  • ▪ Keep it away from you dog as they often like to chew them.


  • ▪ Minimum use is at night around 8hrs
  • ▪ If you are at home watching TV, reading, homework or any other activity that you do not have to talk, wear your appliance as it will help treatment move along quicker.

Follow Up Visits

  • ▪ On average you should see your dentist every 3 months.
  • ▪ Depending on your case this may vary.
  • ▪ Please make sure you bring your appliance along to each appointment
  • ▪ Appointments are 15mins in this time the following points might be discussed:
  • - Evaluate Diet
  • - Evaluate jaw opening
  • - Record improvements
  • - Discuss any problems you may be having.

It is very important in the ongoing use that you monitor your progress, in particular to check that the erupting teeth are in proper relationship with each other and the TMJ (jaw joints) are stable.

How Dose The SOMA Work?

The Splint Orthopaedic Myofunctional Appliance (SOMA) is designed to unfold the maxilla (the upper jaw), reverse cranial strain patterns, heal the TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint), expand the palate and move teeth in the desired direction.

It releases pressure in the TMJ and frees up the lower jaw to come forward to its optimal position.

These changes also may help to ease tension in the neck, head and back.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Wearing A SOMA?

The idea goal for each patient is to achieve an edge-to-edge bite, relaxed facial muscles, capacity for the jaw to open wide easily and nose breathing rather than mouth breathing.

The SOMA can substantially assist patients along the path to this goal, if they commit the time and correct use.

What Can I Expect To Experience While Wearing The SOMA?

The first couple of nights you may find it very uncomfortable, hard to close your mouth and difficulty with swallowing. This will get better, you just have to persist. You will also have a lot of saliva for the first couple of weeks. If you are finding too hard to wear for the full night, try wearing it for an hour at a time and build up each day until you can wear it for the full night.


When the SOMA is first fitted it will feel tight. After some time, movement or cranial expansion will occur, which will make the appliance feel lose. You will need to tighten it. (Ever so little) In the middle of the appliance there is a 2 or 3 way screw. With the key provided place it in the hole and push a little bit in the direction of the arrow (which is next to the screw). There are 2 or 3 holes that will need to be adjusted. As the adjustments are done, splits will occur from the 2 or 3 sections opening. This is normally and are not cracks. The best way to tell if you need to tighten your appliance is:

  • ▪ After wearing it overnight it may feel lose in the morning. After not wearing it for the day and you put it in at night and it still feels lose, this is when you tighten it.
  • ▪ Only make adjustments every couple of weeks, when a release has occurred. Adjusting it quicker will NOT make your treatment go faster.
  • ▪ Only turn the key a little bit, don’t want to make it to tight. Too much pressure can cause irritation and pain.

If by chance it doesn’t fit or has not been worn for some time, the screw can be turned backward until it feels like it fits.

The SOMA should not create pain or discomfort it is meant to relax the muscles and keep the nervous system calm.

Further Steps

Taking the opportunity to improve nutrition can provide additional benefits. For instance, the presents of ongoing mucus problems is a major factor in mouth breathing. Help with diet can reduce the over production of mucus and therefore support the work of the SOMA by creating the conditions for lasting results.