Soma in Action

Let me give you an example of what the SOMA can accomplish. A case study ‘S’ revealed a patient who wore braces as a teenager to improve her smile unfortunately relapsed and the malocclusion (crooked teeth) reestablished itself after the braces were removed. The patient’s relapse occurred because her braces did not address the underlying problems of her Jaw position, breathing patterns, and orthopaedic structure. This was accompanied by patterns of stress-related clenching and squeezing of facial muscles along with severe migraines, neck and back pain. Using SOMA treatment, the patient’s underlying problems were treated while her teeth were being orthodontically corrected. This method provided the patient with a stable, aligned smile and relief of her accompanied stressed-related symptoms. The following results were achieved in 1 1/2 years.

Within three months of wearing the SOMA, her lower jaw had moved forward and she was able to comfortably close her mouth and breathe through her nose (Jaw position can influence cases of sleep disordered breathing). As a result her palate widened, her teeth straightened (see photos), and her pain has totally disappeared. I sometimes describe this as unfolding of the face.

“After 1 and a half years of treatment Mrs. S. now has been completely relieved of her migraines and TMJ problem and has a very beautiful smile.”