What is Wholistic

What is Wholistic?

Wholistic is the philosophy that all parts of a thing are interconnected. In medicine, wholistic treatment is the treatment of a person as a whole, mind, body and social factors. Related words are wholism, wholistically. Wholistic appears in 1941 as a cross between holistic and whole.

What is Wholistic Dentistry?

I carried this term out of the word holistic, it can also be called Biological dentistry, broadening the area involving the whole person and the influence on the individual in what we do as a dental medical physician to the approach in Dentistry.

The ultimate goal is the optimum health and functioning of the individual and the advancement of better and safe ideas in the field of dentistry.

Biological dentistry aims to avoid poisons, Mercury being the main one. Using ceramics over metals for crown and bridge. If metals are used favouring the same to avoid voltage fluctuations, current and ionisation of metals in the mouth, that can cause Haptens (antibody reaction) which can be reactive to the body. The more alkaline the body is, the less allergies and reactive metals are formed.

All chronic diseases start in the mouth and nose which is the main entry point with the exception of genetics disease and injuries caused by accident. This entry point is exposed to the type of food we eat, bacteria, virus. fungi, allergenic particles and toxins, as well as inhaled or ingested.

There are 81 autoimmune conditions that are recognised. The gut has 70% of the immune system, most of the microbiome live there and play a part in digestion and health of an individual. Dysbiosis (imbalance) of the oral and gut microbiome is a serious health risk. Which includes leaky gut.

Infections in the gums, teeth and dead teeth can be a focus of infection and autoimmune disease.

Chronic illness is greatly helped with the right approach as in dental distress syndrome.

Sleep dentistry is big in sleep medicine. The neurological aspect of excessive sympathetic activity or flight and fright can be modulated by jaw position correcting and aligning the posture through use of special appliances.

Cranial distortions and Asymmetry distortion affect the muscle skeletal system from head to toe. This can be addressed in the TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction) and right and left body balance.

Above all do no harm but improve dental and medical outcomes through the evolution of dental and medical knowledge.

Joseph Da Cruz