Welcome to Wholistic Dentistry

Wholistic Dentistry encompasses a ‘whole body’ oriented approach to oral health treatment, using relationships between oral health and general health. The human body is an interconnected dynamic system where changes in one part have implications for other parts.

The mouth can be considered to be the doorway to the human body. It possesses a large proportion of cranial nerve tissue, blood vessels and a route of exposure to pathogens. Changes that occur in the mouth can have implications for the physiological and psychological behaviour of the human body while disturbances in the functional processes of the human body can be observed by examining the mouth. These may include, sleep disordered breathing, chronic postural back and neck pain, and headaches and migraines.

Wholistic Dentistry’s goal is provide a high standard of care to patients, improving their quality of life, with a whole body approach to pain management, dental and preventative health treatment.